Should I have my cars software updated?

Should I have my cars software updated? This is a common question from customers, and understandably. Surely running the latest software release can only improve the overall running of the vehicle? Maybe you’ll feel a difference or have better fuel economy? Most of the above is true. Whilst there is some considerable benefit to having […]

Steering lock replacement bmw e90

Steering lock problems are reasonably common on the E90 BMW 3 series models. Symptoms will be a steering wheel warning on the dash, and possible inability to start the car. Most of the time this can be sorted with a software update of the CAS (car access system) but on some occasions the steering lock […]

Where is the Footwell Module Location?

Across many Internet forums worldwide, this question is asked with no real answer, just guesses that it could be in the ‘footwell’. Well, we have decided to show the location for people who are attempting some DIY work. This is shown on a 2007 130i. New footwell module on left (FRM3). Notice the extra ventilation […]

bmw e46 320d crank pulley replacement

Ok guys – this is a common issue affecting all diesel cars, not just bmw. Its simply down to the crank pulley rubber material perishing with age. Here’s the Car in question, a lovely Imola Red Coupe. Here’s the crank pulley that has broken up, the belt didn’t fail which is very lucky. Here’s the […]

N42 and N46 engine rocker cover gasket DIY

Common Problems With The BMW N42 and N46 Engine The BMW N42 engine was produced between 2001 and 2004, the N46 engine replaced this and was produced between 2004 and 2015. If your BMW was produced between these years, it is likely you have one of these two engines. A common problem that can occur […]

Bmw Z4M clutch dowel problem

Today we have Scott’s lovely BMW Z4M in for some work. The car has some odd noises from inside the transmission bell housing, so lets whip it off and inspect. As you can see below, there are some very small stress fractures on the bell housing, suggesting they a foreign object is loose inside and […]

Z4 3.0si service

Today we have Roberts Z4 coupe 3.0 Si in for an oil service, brake fluid and coolant change. As an Essex BMW specialist, we have years of experience in servicing vehicles! Here’s a few photos of the work being carried out. Here’s the oil filter bring removed. As you can see the filter has split […]