How To Tell When Your Mini Needs a Service

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The classic British car has been on our roads since the 1960s and the new model has been manufactured by BMW since 2001. This popular car is favoured for its style, substance and safety as well as being an icon of British culture.

The MINI is a beloved car by those that use it, often one that owners wish to keep for many years to come. So how can you keep your MINI in the best condition? Well, regular Mini servicing is important to ensure your car is kept in the best condition and to spot any issues early on.

The Systems That Will Alert You For A Service

Depending on the age of your car, there are two possible systems you will have to alert you to when your MINI requires a service. Older models will have a Service Interval Indicator (SII) which will monitor both the time and mileage since your last service. This tends to be in line with the average of every 12 months or 10,000 miles (whichever comes first). However, if your MINI was manufactured after 2006, it will have Condition Based Servicing (CBS), which monitors various service components for wear and will only request a service when it needs it usually making services every 18 to 24 months depending on mileage.

When your MINI does require a service, it will display the CBS icon on the MINI dashboard, recommending that you book your service.#

The MINI Key Reader

What is even more impressive about the MINI is that the vehicle data is stored on the key, which can be read using a MINI key reader – this can identify the needs of the car and any issues. The diagnostics and data from the MINI key can provide information on ABS, warning lights, interior and exterior functions, seatbelts, mirrors, air conditioning, oil levels, break, clutch, doors, coolant and more.

This helps to make diagnosing any issues with your MINI much easier during the service – allowing any issues to be detected early and fixed before they can cause damage or further damage to the car, keeping repair costs low and your MINI on the road.

The MINI Specialists in Essex

As MINI specialists, Power Developments are experienced in servicing MINIs and have encountered all sorts of issues in our time, so we are familiar with most issues that are common to the MINI and the best way to repair them. We have built a reputation for our specialist knowledge and service which is often more affordable and thorough than official service centres. We even have customers that travel from Europe to consult our expertise!

If you’d like to book your MINI in for a service or have any questions, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to help and advise or book you in for your MINI servicing.

How often does my MINI need servicing?

It is recommended that most cars are serviced every 12 months or every 10,000 miles – whichever happens to come first. This helps to identify any issues early to keep your vehicle working at its best. However, MINIs have a CBS system which monitors the workings of the car and will alert you to a service when it needs it, after detecting an issue. This means that rather than yearly, servicing could be up to every two years. This efficient system means you only need to book a service when you need it.

Why should Power Developments service my MINI?

We are specialists in MINI, BMW, Audi and Mercedes cars, and our technicians have the best knowledge, expertise and passion for these cars. We invest in providing the very best specialist service with the latest tools and diagnostic software to help us identify any issues with your car and get it resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our prices are low and affordable to give our customers the best deal and value for money when it comes to servicing their car. Our labour rates are competitive, and our work standards are always high – something we pride ourselves on.

Where is the best place for MINI servicing in Essex?

Power Developments should be your number one choice when it comes to MINI servicing in Essex. As well as providing affordable service, we are specialists in MINIs and know everything there is to know, with plenty of experience in common issues and how to fix them.

We are located in Basildon, close to the M25, so can easily be accessed from throughout Essex as well as London and even abroad. Our specialist knowledge has seen customers come from Europe to benefit from our expert technicians. To keep your MINI in the best condition, book your mini servicing with Power Developments.



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