The Benefits of Having Your BMW Professionally Serviced

How Power Developments Can Help As BMW enthusiasts ourselves, we know just how much pride and joy these elite cars bring their owners. To ensure your BMW maintains its peak performance and has the longest possible lifespan, regular maintenance and professional servicing are essential. That’s where we come in! Here at Power Developments, otherwise known […]

Porsche Servicing: When Is It Required?

If you own a Porsche and are looking to optimise the lifespan of your vehicle as well as your approach to cost-effective maintenance, then consider the sign you’ve been waiting for to book a full service. Why? Because we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong with your Porsche, […]

How Often Does My Porsche Need a Service?

Keeping Your Car in Great Condition A Porsche is a symbol of prestige, performance, and luxury – and owning one really helps you to stand out from the crowd. These German-engineered cars are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and provide a truly unrivalled driving experience. However, like any high-performance car, your Porsche requires regular maintenance […]

Our Tips for Keeping Your Porsche in Prime Condition

Like any car, good maintenance is the key to ensuring that your vehicle not only drives smoothly but also remains in the best possible condition both during use and when sat at home on your driveway or in the garage. A Porsche is, for many vehicle owners and car enthusiasts in Essex, a drivers’ dream. […]

How to Prevent Corrosion on Your Wheels

Is Alloy Wheel Corrosion Dangerous? Alloy wheel corrosion occurs when iron, oxygen and moisture react together to create rust. As well as looking unsightly it can also corrode the rim and wheel and speed up the wear and tear of the wheel itself. As well as this, rust particles can risk clogging up valves in […]

Recognising the Signs of a Dead Battery

What Does the Car Battery Do? Even the most novice of car owners are aware that the car’s battery plays an important part in the running of your vehicle. It powers the on-board computer, ignition system, lights and radio as well as many other elements of your car. When your car battery dies, it can […]

How to Replace a Head Gasket

What Is a Head Gasket? Your head gasket is responsible for preventing coolant and oil mixing together. It seals the internal combustion process and is located between the cylinder head by the top of the engine and the main structure of the engine. It has a demanding job as it simultaneously seals oil, coolant and […]

What does a BMW gearbox fault mean?

A BMW gearbox fault means there is an issue with your transmission. If there is a problem with the transmission on your BMW, you could experience a range of issues with your vehicle and even find it goes into ‘limp mode’ to prevent further damage – meaning it needs to be towed to a mechanic. […]



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