Audi Fault Codes

Audi Fault Codes Explained

Like most German luxury cars, Audi cars are well crafted and built to last, making them the perfect investment for any car lover. But like with any car, it is common to run into issues during your ownership. The on-board computer in Audis makes this easier to diagnose and help identify an issue, where it is and what can be done to fix it.

Audi fault codes start with a letter to identify the location of the issue, so P is for a transmission issue, B is for a problem with the body of the car and C identifies an issue with the Chassis. They are then followed by four numbers which can identify exactly where the issue is so for example, a common problem can be an engine misfire code and the code for this is P0301 for a combustion misfire in engine cylinder one, while P0302 would mean the same for cylinder 2 and so on.

Engine misfire can often be caused by bad spark plugs, but whatever it is causing the issue, it should be treated as a priority as this can damage the catalytic converter.

What Do I Do with Audi Error Codes?

If you decide to run a scan to identify an issue with your Audi, these codes can identify the location of where the issue is within the car which you can look up – this often helps give you an idea of what might be the problem and how it can be fixed.

If it is a small issue, you may decide to fix this yourself or take your Audi to a garage to be fixed. When getting your Audi serviced or repaired, it is important to find an Audi Specialist such as Power Developments to run diagnostics for the fault code. While the Audi code can help you identify where the fault is, it can’t give you a complete diagnosis.

For example, you might be able to identify there is an engine misfire and comparing the code P0301 would identify this is a misfire in cylinder one, but it doesn’t determine the code. This could occur for any number of reasons such as a faulty spark plug, an ignition coil failure, damaged fuel injector or even an internal engine fault affecting the compression of the cylinder.

The problem with not going to an Audi specialist in Essex, is that many general garages tend to rely on diagnosing the fault in your car based on the fault code alone and will offer you a quote to replace the item, but the fault could still be present, and you will inevitably end up replacing each of the parts until the problem is fixed, leaving you out of pocket.

Troubleshooting the problem should be done manually, which we pride ourselves on at Power Developments. With our Audi specialism and experience with common Audi error codes, we are experienced in knowing the best way to investigate the problem and aim to get it fixed first time to save you time, money and your Audi from sustaining more serious damage.

Audi Engine Code List

To help you identify what could be the problem with your Audi, we have included a list of common Audi error codes below as well as some DIY fixes if the issue is something small and safe to fix, but we recommend visiting an Audi specialist such as Power Developments to ensure problems are identified and fixed efficiently so your car can get back on the road with no further issues.

Call now to book in for an Audi service to prevent any problems before they occur, or if you have identified an issue from our list of Audi fault codes.


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