Recognising the Signs of a Dead Battery

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What Does the Car Battery Do?

Even the most novice of car owners are aware that the car’s battery plays an important part in the running of your vehicle. It powers the on-board computer, ignition system, lights and radio as well as many other elements of your car.

When your car battery dies, it can often occur with almost little warning and can mean you get caught out – either stranded at home, out and about or even on the road so being prepared and looking out for signs is vital.

How to Know if My Car Battery is Low

There are a few signs you can look out for to know if your car battery is low, so be mindful if you see any of the following signs:

Issues Starting the Car

Starting your car requires a lot of energy so if your battery is failing, you may notice that the car takes longer than usual to tick over and start. This kind of sign is usually imminent to your battery dying, so it’s important to inspect your battery or get it checked it over quickly.

If you turn the key and only hear a clicking sound, that means there is not enough power to start the engine and you’ll need to jump start the battery and get a new battery fitted.

Loss of Electric Power

As the battery also powers the electronics in your car, you may notice issues with windows, lights, heaters and seats. Usually these are used more in winter, so issues can often occur this time of year due to increased demand for power.

Dashboard Warning Symbol

Of course, a warning light can often be the biggest clue there is something wrong with your car. If you see the illuminated battery symbol on your dashboard it’s important to get it checked out. It could be due to issues such as a failing alternator, damaged cabling or a loose starter terminal. If you notice it is on whilst driving, then you may have an issue with the alternator belt.

Signs of a Dead Battery

If your battery is already dead, or almost there, as mentioned above one of the biggest signs to look out for are issues during ignition and the car not starting or ticking over.

The way your car reacts can be a clue to the issue, for example if the starter motor cranks slowly but the engine doesn’t start – it is likely a dead car battery or faulty starter. If it cranks at its usual speed but again the engine won’t start – chances are the battery is fine but there could be issues with the fuel or spark plug.

If the engine starts but then dies straight after rather than idling, it may mean the battery has enough charge to turn over but then fails causing disruptions to engine control module.

If you need a replacement battery or want to check if the issue is your battery, alternator or spark plugs then be sure to book your car in at Power Developments. We are the experts in German luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi and MINI and provide servicing and repairs for all makes and models. Our expertise has seen us build a respectable reputation with customers coming from Europe to see us! Call us now to get your battery checked.