Why Do Cars Require a Service?

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If you own a car then you’ve probably heard that you should get it serviced every year, or every 12,000 miles if that comes sooner, but why? Well despite certain conspiracy theorists it’s not just a money grab. Regular servicing of your car is in the best interests of you, your passengers, and your wallet. Here’s why:

 Maintaining your warranty

You will have been given full details on your cars warranty upon purchase, including length of policy and the claims process. Did you know that not getting your car serviced as regularly as your policy states can actually invalidate your claim? So can continuing to drive your car while ignoring faults (both electrical or mechanical) and/or warning lights.

Catching the problems while they’re small

Ever heard the old phrase “A stitch in time saves nine”? It’s just as appropriate here. Making sure you take care of the ‘mundane’ problems prevents them becoming something much larger, and much more costly.

Protect your investment

You put a sizeable amount of your hard-earned money into purchasing your car, why shouldn’t you expect a decent return when you sell it? Running your car into the ground is about as smart as letting your home fall to bits around you. Protect your assets and make them last.

Making it last

For most of us buying a car – whether new or used, comes with an expectation that it’s fit for purpose and will last for as long as we need it. Overworking and underservicing your cars is a guaranteed way to have them break on you just as you need them. Regular inspections and repairs can extend the life of your car for much longer than you expect. Why pay through the nose to replace your car, when instead you can make your money work for you in the long run?


Whether you drive alone, with friends, pets or family members, everyone deserves to feel safe when in your vehicle. While each of us have no control over other drivers around us, we can make sure our car’s safety features are working to protect us and those we love.



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