Our Tips for Keeping Your Porsche in Prime Condition

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Like any car, good maintenance is the key to ensuring that your vehicle not only drives smoothly but also remains in the best possible condition both during use and when sat at home on your driveway or in the garage.

A Porsche is, for many vehicle owners and car enthusiasts in Essex, a drivers’ dream. It’s sleek, it’s elegant, and it’s exceptionally well made. But without proper Porsche servicing in Essex, and the right upkeep at home, even the finest of vehicles can start to go wrong.

Here are some of our top tips for keeping your Porsche in the best possible condition.

1. Store it in the right place

If you don’t plan on driving your Porsche every day then it is important that you find somewhere safe to store it, where the tyres are unlikely to get punctured and where the paintwork is safe from potential scratches or damage. A car cover can help to protect you from some minor damage if you don’t have an onsite garage to store your car, and we also recommend investing in car security equipment like a steering wheel lock if you live in a busy area.

TOP TIP: If your Porsche is parked somewhere underneath a power line or near a tree, take particular care around bird poo – and if you do spot some mess on your car, be sure to remove it as quickly as possible to avoid lasting corrosion on the paintwork.

2. Start the car regularly

This is a trick which can help any and every car – because, let’s be honest, cars aren’t built to sit on driveways, no matter how expensive they are. If you aren’t using your Porsche every day then be sure to at least switch the engine on every couple of days, to warm the engine up and to ensure that all the working mechanisms stay well oiled and ready to go.

If you can, consider taking your Porsche around to the local shops every few days to give both the engine and the brakes a chance to start working and moving.

Book a regular service

The benefit of a regular service is that any potential issues will be identified and fixed early before they can start to cause lasting or more serious damage. This saves money in the long run and ensures that your vehicle never runs out of steam on the road or during use.

As well as that, a professional Porsche service will typically be carried out by someone who understands the manufacturer’s way of working and is experienced in managing the quirks and specific needs of a Porsche. A premium car deserves a premium service, which is what a professional maintenance check will be able to give you.

If you have a Porsche or would like to find out more about premium car ownership and maintenance, the team at Power Developments are more than happy to help (seriously, we’re all car enthusiasts and love to talk all things car maintenance!) Get in touch for more information.



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