Our Top Tips on Maintaining Your Mercedes During The Winter Months

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Winter is well and truly here, with many parts of the UK seeing snow recently and freezing cold temperatures. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your Mercedes is properly prepared for this colder spell of weather and is up to the challenge.

Important Car Checks For The Winter Season

There are a number of checks you can do on your car to ensure it is ready for winter, so you don’t get caught out. We recommend booking a Mercedes Benz servicing before winter to ensure it is the best condition before the cold winter months hit, but here are some checks you can do yourself.

Check Your Battery

Firstly, check your battery. Issues can often occur during colder temperatures as they can interfere with the chemical reaction in the combustion engine, showing as problems starting the engine and getting it to turn over. If you find you’re struggling to start the engine, check the voltage on the battery or get a mechanic or Mercedes specialist such as Power Developments to look into it and make sure your battery is working efficiently.

Check The Tyres

Another important thing to check on during the winter months is your tyres, as they will be your defence against icy roads. Ensuring they have a sufficient amount of tread and the right pressure will make all the difference in your ability to control the car should you hit a patch of black ice. Make sure your brakes are working efficiently by trying them as you pull off if it is safe to do so and especially if you drive through water. If your car pulls to the side as you break, you should get this checked as soon as possible as it’s a sign your breaks aren’t working properly. Of course, while driving in icy weather it is always important to drive slowly and giving plenty of room to other vehicles. You should leave ten times the normal recommended space – so two seconds distance would become 20 seconds.

Check Coolant, Screen Wash and Oil Levels

Next, check everything is topped up as it should be such as your coolant, screen wash and oil. During the winter, you may want to increase the ratio of anti-freeze in your coolant and screen wash to prevent it freezing over. Both of these are vital to keep on top of, as the coolant will stop your engine overheating and the screen wash you have the best visibility in the unsettled British weather.

Give Your Car A Thorough External Clean

Finally, when the weather permits, give your car a wash to ensure any salt or grit picked up the road is washed off to prevent rusting. Applying a layer of wax will help protect the paintwork on your car during the more severe weather such as rain, sleet and snow.

If you’d like to book in for Mercedes Benz servicing, get in touch with us and we’ll get you booked in. We’ll give your car a thorough service to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible. As German car specialists, what we don’t know about Mercedes, isn’t worth knowing!

How often should I get my Mercedes serviced?

You should get your Mercedes serviced every 12 months or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Regular servicing ensures that any faults can be caught early and kept on top of to keep your Mercedes on the best working order.

At Power Developments, we are Mercedes specialists, so we can give an experienced and detailed service to your car at an affordable price. Our location in Basildon means we’re close to London and easily accessible to visit. We even offer a collection service from Laindon train station.

How do I find out what a warning light means on my Mercedes?

Most modern Mercedes have clever onboard computers that monitor the workings of the car and can alert you if there is an issue. However, sometimes these warnings can be vague such as ‘check engine’ or will alert you to the general area of the problem such as breaks or lights.

You can use a scanner to identify the specific fault code of the problem which you can cross reference to get a better idea of the location and type of issue. We list some of the most common fault codes on our website for you to check. Alternatively, you can bring in your Mercedes and we can run our own scan as well as manually inspecting and identifying the issue.

Why should I choose Power Developments?

At Power Developments, we pride ourselves on being Mercedes specialists. We also specialise in other German luxury cars such as BMW, Audi and Mini. We have over thirty years of experience in the industry and have built up a loyal following and client base and even have car owners visit us from Europe for our expertise!

We provide a wide range of car services such as diagnostics, vehicle inspection, oil change and servicing, repairs, maintenance, brakes, suspension, clutch, transmission and engine checks and repair. We’re happy to provide you with a quote, simply give us a call with your vehicle registration number.



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