N53 engine high pressure fuel pump – hpfp

Here’s a few photos of a high pressure fuel pump replacement on the N53 engine.  This is a common issue, affecting starting and can cause reduced power mode whilst driving whilst logging fault codes for fuel pressure problems.  The inlet manifold has to be removed to access the pump.            

M52 m54 VANOS rebuild

Heres a few photos from a VANOS rebuild on Nicks 323i E46.  We also changed the chain tensioner spring whilst we were at it, and an oil and filter change with Mobil 1 0W40 to help with the common sticky hydraulic lifter issue that affects this engine.                           

118i 29F3 error code

Ok so this error code is becoming a more common issue with the 118i so we thought we’d share some information to try and help people with a fix. The error code is identifying an issue with the low pressure fuel sensor. The description would normally be ‘Fuel Low pressure electric’ but different scan tools […]

BMW 318Ci N42 And N46 Timing Chain Replacement

How To Identify A Problem With The Timing Chain The N42 and N46 engine is fitted to many different BMW models can be particularly prone to timing chain problems. The usual culprit is broken guides, caused by the original timing chain tensioner being too short and therefore allowing the chain to become slack, rubbing or […]

E46 M3 rear differential seal

Today we have Damian’s BMW M3 in for a differential leak from the input shaft seal.. This is a common problem, however it’s fortunately quite low cost to have replaced. This guide is a brief DIY, assuming you have some skills at car repair then this job is quite easy to do. First place your […]

E90 bmw 325i N52 starter motor diy

Here’s a brief diy guide with some photos for those that want to replace their starter motor. First thing to do is remove the negative terminal from your battery in the boot. To do this job you’ll need to remove the inlet manifold. This is a little fiddly if you haven’t done one. Remove air […]

Should I have my cars software updated?

Should I have my cars software updated? This is a common question from customers, and understandably. Surely running the latest software release can only improve the overall running of the vehicle? Maybe you’ll feel a difference or have better fuel economy? Most of the above is true. Whilst there is some considerable benefit to having […]

Steering lock replacement bmw e90

Steering lock problems are reasonably common on the E90 BMW 3 series models. Symptoms will be a steering wheel warning on the dash, and possible inability to start the car. Most of the time this can be sorted with a software update of the CAS (car access system) but on some occasions the steering lock […]

Where is the Footwell Module Location?

Across many Internet forums worldwide, this question is asked with no real answer, just guesses that it could be in the ‘footwell’. Well, we have decided to show the location for people who are attempting some DIY work. This is shown on a 2007 130i. New footwell module on left (FRM3). Notice the extra ventilation […]