How Do I Know When My BMW Needs a Service?

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The BMW Owner’s Essential Guide

BMWs are some of the most reliable, high-performance vehicles available to motorists – but just like any other cars, they do need professional servicing! As the BMW specialist Essex car owners trust, we’re ideally placed to give you some things to look out for!

What Does Your Car Tell You?

Your car needs to be serviced if a year has passed since the last service or if you’ve driven 10,000 miles – whichever comes first. For those with newer BMWs, the brand’s cutting-edge BMW Service Tech will let you know that you are due a service. This will be done via the Condition Based Service (CBS) dashboard InfoDisplay.

The Check Engine Light Appears on the Dashboard

One of the clearest indicators that your BMW needs professional attention is when the check engine light illuminates on the dashboard. This warning signal could mean anything from a small issue to something that seriously affects the safety of your car. So, it’s essential to get your BMW checked by one of our skilled mechanics right away, so you can prevent further damage to the engine.

Your Car Is Making Unusual Noises

If you start hearing strange sounds coming from your BMW, consider that it is trying to tell you something! These noises can range from grinding, squeaking and knocking to hissing and whining sounds. Different noises are indicative of specific issues. Don’t ignore these noises; instead, bring your car to us! We have expert ears when it comes to BMWs and will be able to identify the problem right away.

You Keep Stalling Despite Being in the Right Gear

Stalling is not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous. If your BMW keeps stalling even though you’re in the right gear, there might be issues with the fuel injectors, spark plugs, or ignition coils. We will carry out a range of diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of the problem and recommend any necessary repairs.

You’re Experiencing Difficulties Getting Up to Speed

Struggling to reach the speed you need is another sign that your BMW isn’t running at its best. Several factors contribute to poor acceleration, including clogged or dirty filters, damaged exhaust components, or even transmission problems. One of our experienced mechanics will inspect your vehicle thoroughly and identify the source of the difficulty.

Unusual Brake Activity

Last but not least, pay close attention to how your BMW responds when you put your foot on the brakes. Any changes in braking behaviour, such as vibrations, pulling to one side, or longer stopping distances, all warrant immediate inspection. Faulty brakes are a huge safety risk, so getting them looked at promptly will help protect you and your passengers.

We’re Here to Help

Having your BMW serviced regularly helps maintain its value and prolong its lifespan, but also makes it much safer and more pleasurable to drive. To find out more about us and our BMW servicing in Essex, please get in touch with our friendly team today.



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