Porsche Servicing: When Is It Required?

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If you own a Porsche and are looking to optimise the lifespan of your vehicle as well as your approach to cost-effective maintenance, then consider the sign you’ve been waiting for to book a full service.


Because we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong with your Porsche, before booking it into a Porsche car servicing Essex garage. Rather, a comprehensive service should be able to check the health of your vehicle and identify and isolate any potential issues before they become full-blown problems – saving you time and money, as well as the hassle of needing to find a last-minute slot at your local garage.

But with that in mind, how often should you be looking to book one of these services? Keep reading to find out.

What does a Porsche service involve?

The aim of a vehicle service is to check over all of the integral working mechanics of the vehicle, to ensure it is running effectively and smoothly and is unlikely to run into any problems in the near future.

Checking core features such as the brakes and suspension, conducting an oil change, and running diagnostics to ensure the integrity and durability of the different elements of the car, a Porsche service includes a full inspection of your car to check it is both safe and efficient to run.

Of course, the age of your car and how often it is used, as well as the regular mileage covered in your Porsche, will all impact the main focus points of the service. If your Porsche is used regularly to cover large distances, then the service should also include a filter as well as an oil change – preserving the health of the engine and its running parts. Similarly, a Porsche which covers long distances can also benefit from an interior and exterior refresh, focussing on aesthetics and full valet as well as the mechanical service.

Safe to say, a full Porsche service is incredibly beneficial and helps to extend the lifespan of your vehicle. But how often should you book one?

How regularly is “regular Porsche servicing”?

All in all, it is recommended that your Porsche is booked in for a full service at least once a year – or for every 10,000 miles which are covered (whichever comes first).

The term “regular” is used loosely, with vehicle owners needing to show their own initiative in light of how often their vehicle is checked. Remember, a service isn’t just about checking the inner workings of the car but also the safety of the tyres, the brakes, and other things which make the vehicle both safer and cheaper to run.

If you’re in doubt, or you can’t remember the last time your Porsche had a full service, then we recommend getting in touch with your local garage and booking it in. You might even be able to benefit from a local pick-up and drop-off service for complete convenience and ease.



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