Where is the Footwell Module Location?

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Across many Internet forums worldwide, this question is asked with no real answer, just guesses that it could be in the ‘footwell’. Well, we have decided to show the location for people who are attempting some DIY work.

This is shown on a 2007 130i.

New footwell module on left (FRM3). Notice the extra ventilation holes. Perhaps BMW suggesting that failures are heat related.

The new module will need coding to the car once fitted. You’ll need a diagnostic machine with coding capabilities to get the module functional.

The footwell module failing is a common issue in many BMW and MINI models, its job is to receive signals from sensors across the vehicle, mainly controlling body aspects such as electric windows, air conditioning, heating, lights (interior and exterior) as well as exterior mirrors.

FRM failure can be caused by jump starting, incorrect charging and water infiltration damaging the sensitive electrics.

What is the common sign that there is an issue with the footwell module?

A common sign that there is an issue with the footwell module is that you will notice issues with one of these elements, such as the lights not turning off or not turning on. You may find you have intermittent issues with your windows not opening or closing.

Obviously, this is a serious issue and can cause road safety issues if taillights are not working as they should. You will notice that the service light is constantly illuminated and if you run a diagnostic check you may see fault codes 397F, A3B4, AC3C1, E72B or E72B.

In some cases, the FRM can be reprogrammed and repairs, in other cases you might need a new one which will need to be programmed to your vehicle. This can either be done at home by yourself if you have a diagnostic machine, or you can bring it to us at Power Developments to investigate and repair.

BMW and Mini specialists in Essex

We specialise in BMW and Mini servicing with plenty of experience and knowledge of dealing with this common problem. We offer fair pricing and honest service, so you can always feel confident your car is safe hands with us.

To help detect problems like this early, we recommend booking a car service every 12,000 miles or 12 months – whatever comes first. When you book BMW or Mini servicing with us, we will ensure your car is fully looked over and investigated – identifying any issues to you. We will run a diagnostic check on your vehicle to identify any problems and then investigate this element manually to get down to the root of the problem and ensure it is fixed rather than guess work or trial and error.

We only ever use genuine or manufacturer approved parts and our technicians are passionate, honest and down to Earth, so will always be straight with you about the best solution.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of BMW, Mini, Audi and Mercedes vehicles – offering a specialist service at a fair and reasonable price. Based in Basildon, we are ideally located near the M25, providing easy travel from London. – we even provide a drop off and collection service from Laindon station – ideal if you need to fit a service around your busy working day.

If you are having issues with your footwell module or experiencing any other issues with your BMW or Mini, please get in contact or look through our blog for common issues and solutions. We are only too happy to help!



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