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The Mercedes Benz motto is ‘the best or nothing’ and that certainly comes across in their range of luxury vehicles with quality craftmanship, advanced features and smooth ride. Owning a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes is a desire for many and once you have one – you want it to be in the best hands and kept in the condition you bought it in.

What are the common issues with Mercedes cars?

Common issues that can occur with Mercedes include:

  • Rust on the body of the car
  • Engine mounts failing and losing oil
  • Suspension and steering components wearing out
  • Window regulators failing
  • Catalytic convertors becoming blocked

All these will usually occur as you build up the miles, which is why regular Mercedes servicing in Essex is so important to offset this.

How often should a Mercedes be serviced?

A Mercedes car service should be done every two years or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. It is advised to keep up with services to ensure any issues can be spotted early. During a service, we will check vital car parts, engine oil and filters to ensure everything is working as it should and fix anything that isn’t before it becomes a problem and costlier to fix.

As well as ensuring your car is working efficiently, services are also important for your own safety, ensuring things like brake pads, lighting and suspension are all working as they should, so you can have peace of mind on the road.

It is important to ensure you see a Mercedes specialist in Essex to ensure the mechanics working on your car know everything there is to know about various Mercedes models and common issues that can occur with them. Because we specialise in luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi – we make it our mission to use our knowledge to give you the most thorough service.

What will regular servicing do?

Regular Mercedes servicing in Essex helps to extend the lifespan of your car and keep it in peak condition, so that you can be driving a classic Mercedes for many years to come – making the most of your investment. As Mercedes specialists in Essex, we have worked on a wide range of models and take pride in our attention to detail.

We provide a range of packages that cover various maintenance and servicing treatments at competitive pricing. Our thorough service will check lights, fluids, brakes, tyres, electrics and the engine – we offer many extras as standard and think we provide the best Mercedes service in Essex! If you have recently run a fault code check on your car, we can manually inspect the car to find the issue and fix the problem.

Servicing prices at Power Developments

Our services start from £89 and we even provide customer drop-off and collection from Laindon Station, so you can fit your Mercedes service in Essex around your busy working day. We are based in Basildon, making us easily accessible by the A127 and our reputation for fantastic specialist service has seen car owners from Europe take the trip to us to ensure their car is in the best hands.

If you need a service, MOT or Mercedes repairs in Essex, look no further, Power Developments are renowned for their excellent attention to detail and knowledge, meaning your Mercedes is in the best hands and ready to get back on the road for a smooth ride.

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