Common Mercedes Engine Problems and The Simple Fixes That Can Be Made

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Since its beginnings in the 1920s, Mercedes has been revered as one of the most desired luxury vehicles on the market with a reputation for quality and durability – this German car brand has sold 2.31 million cars and is the largest seller of premium vehicles in the world.

But with the best will in the world, while Mercedes motto may be ‘The Best or Nothing’ – things can go wrong, like any car, after many years or miles under its fan belt. As one of the best Mercedes specialists in Essex – we take you through common Mercedes engine problems.

Engine and Transmission Mounts Wearing Down in a Mercedes

One of the common Mercedes repairs in Essex we see are engine and transmission mounts that can tend to fail over time. In a Mercedes car service, we often find in older Mercedes models, these mounts are made of solid rubber and can tend to wear down over time – delivering a huge kick every time you apply acceleration. This results in a growing vibration in the steering wheel and passenger cabin.

In newer models, these mounts have been replaced with an oil filled mount, which doesn’t fail as easily but some people can find these fail or lose oil after around 100,000 miles – it is worth booking Mercedes repairs in Essex as soon as you first start experiencing problems and the price of replacing these can be very reasonable if caught early enough and only take around four hours labour to repair.

Issues with Starting the Engine in a Mercedes

Ask any Mercedes mechanic in Essex and chances are they’ve had a customer experience issues with starting their engine. Once the key is in the ignition and turned, the engine will crank but refuse to start. This can sometimes be an issue with the crankshaft position sensor and may present itself with signs like the ‘check engine’ light being on, intermittent starting, misfiring, hesitation, vibration or stalling. This can be fairly inexpensive to fix if you take it to a Mercedes specialist in Essex.

Alternatively, some people experience misfires with the ignition, the ignition coils and/or spark plugs should be checked or changes every 100,000 miles and it is important to take care of this as soon as you experience a problem.

Another issue is rattling during start-ups. This rattle is most common during the first fifteen seconds, especially in the cold weather. Rattling during start-up is often due to the belt tensioner wearing out – a sure sign that it will soon need replacing.

Problems with the Turbocharger on a Mercedes

Turbochargers can often go wrong because of a carbon build up and if a turbocharger goes too long without maintenance by a Mercedes mechanic in Essex, it can result in an expensive replacement. Common causes of this can be infrequent oil changes or not letting the turbocharger cool down by idling the engine for a couple of minutes.

Make sure your turbocharger is fixed before it needs replacing by booking a regular service in with a Mercedes specialist garage – like Power Developments!

Mercedes Mass Air Flow Sensor Issues

Some Mercedes repairs in Essex have shown issues with the mass air flow sensors (MAF) – this can present itself as problems starting the engine, stalling shortly after starting, hesitation, dragging, jerking while accelerating or hiccups from the engine.

This should be replaced every 50,000 miles. The Mass air flow senses how much air passes and the temperature of the air to influence fuel injection and control the fuel mixture to compensate for cold weather and high altitude.

To ensure your mass air flow sensor works at its best, it should be cleaned every six months or whenever you change your oil.

The Best Place To Go For Mercedes Repairs in Essex

If you’re looking for a reliable Mercedes specialist in Essex, make Power Developments your first choice. Our technicians are experienced and professional and have encountered many common and uncommon problems with Mercedes vehicles.

We are a cost-effective alternative to the main dealerships and have years of experience in Mercedes car service. Our expert knowledge will help to diagnose any issues your Mercedes may be experiencing so that we can repair your vehicle and get it back on the road and working at its best once again.


How often should I check my catalytic converter on my Mercedes?

Catalytic converters are prone to failure unfortunately and after 60,000 miles can become less effective and clogged. Bring your Mercedes to us, one of the best Mercedes Specialists in Essex and we’ll see what we can do to repair or replace it.

How long will it take for you to repair my Mercedes?

It really depends on the size and scale of the problem, if you bring your car to us for a regular Mercedes service in Essex, we should be able to identify any problems in the early stages. Some problems can be easy to fix and take a few hours whereas some may need a few days’ work. We will do our best to solve the problem as quickly, efficiently and affordably as we can.

How often should I book a Mercedes car service?

As a rule of thumb, we would suggest seeking a Mercedes car service every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. This should help keep on top of any issues that develop and ensure we can fix and resolve them in the early stages and before they become too advanced to fix and require a costly replacement. Of course, if you experience any issues in the meantime, you should seek advice and come visit us to get it investigated.



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