BMW z4 electric water pump replacement

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Today we have Joes 2006 Z4 3.0Si in for overheating problems.

A quick diagnosis reveals the electric water pump has failed, which is a common occurrence and can lead to serious engine damage if overheating isn’t spotted before the temperature gauge hits maximum.

So lets get to work on fitting a brand new pump.

Car is up on the lift for the coolant to be drained. This isn’t always required but the coolant in this car is ready to be replaced so its a great time to do so.

Here’s the pump, undo a few hoses and connectors and out it comes.

Pump off and the new one ready to fit.

It’s absolutely vital to replace the aluminium bolts with new. These are available from BMW and are usually a stock item.

New pump fitted and bolts torqued to the required setting. Time to fill with new coolant and bleed the cooling system.



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