Bmw 320i clutch replacement

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Today we have Russell’s lovely condition 320i touring in for a new clutch.

Let’s get to work.


This is the gearbox. Quite dirty so we’ll give it a clean up.


Now, a common problem with all BMW’s is a worn propshaft coupling. As you can see in this photo, this one is started to tear away, if left and left the results can be catastrophic, so if this is ever identified as worn make sure you get it replaced immediately.


A closer view of the worn coupling.


So we’ve got the gearbox off and the clutch has been removed. These cars are fitted with a dual mass flywheel. This particular model being a petrol engine, is most likely to not require a new flywheel. This needs to be checked as part of the clutch change.

The flywheel here has minimal wear so good for continued use.


Comparison of old clutch against new unit.


New clutch installed, time to reassemble. The clutch release bearing Slides into the arm in the gearbox. (not photographed).


Quick comparison of old propshaft coupling against the new one.


We recommend changing the gearbox oil afterwards.



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