BMW 318Ci N42 And N46 Timing Chain Replacement

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How To Identify A Problem With The Timing Chain

The N42 and N46 engine is fitted to many different BMW models can be particularly prone to timing chain problems.

The usual culprit is broken guides, caused by the original timing chain tensioner being too short and therefore allowing the chain to become slack, rubbing or clattering against the guides. The revised tensioner is longer so keeps the chain tighter, avoiding issues.

Common symptoms are a noisy engine at the front particularly from cold start, misfiring, and error codes for camshaft sensors when the sensors are ok.

Most N42 engines have had a chain by now, but the later N46 still suffers problems with chains, so here’s a brief description of how this can be fixed by yourself or a BMW specialist such as Power Developments.

How To Replace A Timing Chain On A BMW N46 Engine

With rocker cover already removed, and camshaft/vanos units removed. Timing chain and guides remove as one unit in the cassette.

New timing chain and guides. You’ll need to swap over your crank toothed pulley.

Timing tools fitted. Crank must be locked at TDC cylinder 1, the tool for this is in the timing kit.

Should I See A BMW Specialist To Fix This Issue?

Unless you are a confident mechanic and know the inner workings of a BMW, it is advised that you seek the services of a BMW specialist who can diagnose and fix the issue with your car correctly and efficiently.

As the leading BMW specialist in Essex, Power Developments are here to help. We are experts in luxury German cars such as BMW, Aldi and Mercedes. Our reputation has extended outside of our base in Essex and we have car owners from the rest of the UK and even Europe seek us out to look after their much beloved cars.

In our time, we have encountered almost all potential issues that can occur with a BMW and can provide the best solutions to get this fixed at a fair price. We will inspect the issue manually to ensure we correctly diagnose the problem and fix it there and then, rather than a case of trial and reading error codes!

How Can I Spot Common BMW Problems Early?

We recommend BMW servicing every year or every 12,000 miles – whichever comes first. This ensures you can stay on top of any problems that occur and spot developing issues early before they become a more complicated and expensive problem.

Your car’s self-diagnostic may make you aware a service is due or alert you to any issues that have occurred with a warning light. It is important to get these investigated and fixed as soon as possible to ensure the safety and longevity of your vehicle.

Unlike manufacturer servicing, we can provide an affordable service with honest and reliable advice. We are passionate about these cars, which is why we specialise in them and provide you with advice to keep them in the best condition.

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If you would like to find out more about our BMW servicing, competitive pricing and expertise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and arrange an appointment or service to diagnose or fix any issues you are experiencing.

We take pride in delivering first class service to our customers and can even provide a pick-up and drop-off service from Laindon train station, so you can fit a service around your working day. We are located in Basildon just off the A127 so are easily reachable from London.



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