BMW 118D M Sport Oil Service

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Today we have the pleasure of carrying out an oil service on Reece’s lovely 118D M Sport.


So we’ll be changing the oil and oil filter using Castrol Edge 0W30 LL04 spec oil, and the cabin filters that BMW now recommend with the oil service.

This guide is to show how to replace the oil filter only as this is the common request for DIY users.

We’ll start by removing the plastic engine cover that just lifts upwards and slides out.

The oil filter is located as pictured below.


You’ll need a oil filter cap type removal tool like this one below to undo the filter housing.


Remove the cap and lift out, the filter will come out with the cap.

Install the new filter as pictured below, and replace the rubber o-ring on the cap.


Notice the nipple on the end of the new filter, this needs to locate into the housing. Then just tighten the cap and you are done.

You’ll need to reset the elements of the service on the ECU. In this case the oil change, cabin filter change and visual check.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Power Developments Team.



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