118i 29F3 error code

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Ok so this error code is becoming a more common issue with the 118i so we thought we’d share some information to try and help people with a fix.

The error code is identifying an issue with the low pressure fuel sensor.

The description would normally be ‘Fuel Low pressure electric’ but different scan tools will show different descriptions.

So what is the fix for this?

Well, the correct procedure is to measure fuel pressure, check for swarf in the fuel tank, and check the operation of the sensor, but this fault can be intermittent meaning the fuel pressure and sensor operation may well be correct when tested.

The most likely cause of this fault in this case is the sensor itself, so if your handy with some tools and have this fault code, a DIY fix could well solve your problem.

Here’s some photos of the sensor and its location.

Once your done, clear the fault codes and road test. Ensure you have protective eyewear on as you are dealing with a pressurised fuel system. We recommend seeking professional help from a qualified technician. As the best BMW servicing basildon has to offer, you can’t go wrong by seeking support from us!



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