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What Is A Vehicle Inspection?

A vehicle inspection is a detailed health check of a car. Whether you’re thinking of buying a car, have recently bought a car or want to check in on the current status of a car you’ve been driving for years, it provides you with everything you need to know about the condition that your vehicle is in.

Our vehicle inspections in Essex are carried out by our trained and experienced technicians who will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and visible components to check for any issues. If they do find something, they will film a short video for you to show the defect, tell you what has been identified and recommend how it can be rectified. This can act as a useful reference and provides a full understanding of the issue, so you can see it for yourself.

We also provide a full detailed written report and will talk to you and take you through any issues we have found and the best way to move forward, planning any maintenance or repairs etc.

Why Get a Vehicle Inspection?

If you’re planning to buy a new used vehicle, you want to feel confident that you’re getting the best value for money and that the seller is being honest with you about its condition and worth. Next to buying a home, a car can be one of the biggest investments for an individual, so you want to be sure you’re making the right decision.

A vehicle inspection can provide peace of mind that you are getting value for money and if there are any issues, there may be room to haggle on price to cover repairs. We’re happy to help and advice you on this so you can buy with confidence.

Or if you’re thinking of selling your vehicle, knowing of any faults or issues and it’s condition can help you to price it fairly or repair prior to sale. A vehicle inspection provides you with the information you need to get the full picture on the condition of your vehicle.

Audi, BMW, Mercedes and MINI are much sought after luxury cars with many years in them if they are well looked after, so having a clear picture of their condition and spotting issues early to be repair offers the best chance of these vehicles standing the test of time as classic examples of excellent car design.

Essex Vehicle Inspections

If you’re an owner of a luxury car, it’s understandable that it’s your pride and joy, so booking it in for a vehicle inspection is the perfect way to ensure its kept in great condition. Our technicians will provide you with everything you need to know and are upfront about any issues we find and how to repair them.

Because we specialise in luxury German vehicles, we excel in our knowledge of these cars and can give you a detailed and experienced opinion on keeping your vehicle in the best condition. We provide thousands of Essex vehicle inspections every year, so what we don’t know about these cars isn’t worth knowing. Our expertise is so sought after, we have even had clients from Europe visit us!

If you’d like to find out more about our vehicle inspections in Essex, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book in your vehicle for a health check.

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