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What Are Vehicle Diagnostics?

Most modern cars will have an ECU (Engine Control Unit) which has sensors throughout the car to alert you if an element in your car has encountered a problem and/or is not working how it should do. You’ll notice one of your engine warning lights lit up on your car’s dashboard, which should be looked into sooner rather than later to prevent further damage occurring or putting yourself in danger.

Your ECU detects signals outside of the normal operating range to trigger a light, so you should visit a specialist garage to investigate what could be causing the issue. At Power Developments, we specialise in Mercedes, BMW, Audi and MINI vehicles and our experienced and specialist knowledge in these cars means we can provide thorough car diagnostics in Essex for your luxury vehicle, so you can feel confident it is in the best hands.

What To Expect From Car Diagnostics in Essex

When you bring in your car for a diagnostic service, we will use our advanced scanning system to scan your vehicle for fault codes and identify the area of the issue. This could be anything from an issue with the engine, body control unit, ABS, audio, locking, powered steering or another element of your car.

Our diagnostic equipment will allow us to run full car diagnostics and identify and fix the fault. Unlike some other garages, we don’t just rely on fault codes to fix a problem, as fault codes only identify the location of the issue and many will use trial and error to fix the issue. Instead, we manually investigate the issue, identify it and will advise you of the best way forward such as repair work or replacement parts. By manually investigating the issue, we can help avoid any further issues occurring down the line.

Why Choose Power Developments?

If you own an Audi, Mercedes, BMW or MINI, you will benefit from an advanced on board computer and expertly designed car. At Power Developments, we are specialists in these models of cars and have gained an international reputation for our work and attention to detail, with customers coming from Europe to seek our guidance, advice and work.

Given your investment into your car, you will want to feel confident that your vehicle is in the best hands and our car diagnostics in Essex are among the very best. We take great pride in what we do, and our team of specialists will provide thorough investigations into your car to ensure it is running smoothly and all issues are found, identified and fixed.

If you would like to book in your Audi, Mercedes, BMW or MINI for vehicle diagnostics in Essex, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to book you in for this service. Our location in Basildon makes us easy to reach from across Essex and London and we can also provide a pick-up service from Laindon train station.

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