Engine Oil Change Essex

Why Do I Need An Oil Change?

Engine oil is essential for lubricating thousands of engine components and carrying heat away from the engine. It is an important aspect for the running of a car and with most modern lubricants should be changed every 5000-7000 miles, but we can happily suggest the best regularity for your particular vehicle.

Changing the oil is important as when the oil moves throughout the engine, it picks up dirt and debris. This is good because it keeps the engine free of particles but over time the oil can become too dirty to be effective. If you neglect changing your oil when it needs it, the engine and its parts can become too hot and will run less efficiently. This can cause car parts to warp and wear out and eventually the engine will shut down – so it is important to be vigilant about oil changes or face costly repairs down the line.

How Do I Tell When The Oil Needs Changing?

As we have mentioned, most modern cars will need an engine change around every 5000-7000 miles but there are some other signs you can look out for that indicate it is time for an oil change. You may notice excess smoke coming from your vehicle exhaust, more engine noise, a different oil texture, a low oil level when you check and the engine oil light displaying. The car might also shake while idle and make a ticking sound when you start the engine.

Oil should always be replaced rather than simply topped up, as it is important to have clean oil for the smooth running of the engine. If not, the new oil can be diluted with the old and will not work as effectively. It is best to drain any remaining exiting oil and then replace with the new.

Where Can I Get An Oil Change In Essex?

This can be done by yourself, or you might prefer a professional to do it to ensure it is done correctly and the right oil is used.

At Power Developments, we provide an engine oil change in Essex as part of our vehicle servicing. We can provide both minor or major servicing to cover everything you need including brake fluid changes, air conditioning and diagnostics.

We specialise in luxury German vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW and MINI with many years of experience in providing thorough servicing and repairs to all types of models. Our expertise is so respected among car owners that we have had customers visit us from Europe for our skills!

We only use the best engine oil currently available, Castrol engine oils. So you can feel confident that your vehicle oil is being replaced with only the best product available on the market.

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We are based in Laindon, Basildon in Essex, just a short distance from the M25, junction 29 on the A127 Arterial Road. This makes us easy to reach from across Essex and London and further afield, to book your appointment or service call us on 01268 413339 or email info@powerdevelopments.co.uk.

For a thorough service and repairs for your luxury vehicle, do not go anywhere else. We are competitively priced and have built up a loyal base of customers over the years thanks to our expertise!

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