BMW Z3 Servicing


All prices listed below include labour, parts and VAT.
If you can’t see your model listed, please call 01268 413 339 for a quotation.
Type Model Oil Service Inspection 1 Inspection 2
Z3 1.8i, 1.9i £89.00 £169.00 £232.00
2.0i, 2.2i, 2.8i, 3.0i £99.00 £179.00 £259.00
Z3 M w/o Tappet Adjustment (TWS Oil) £129.00 £250.00 £375.00
Z3 M w Tappet Adjustment (TWS Oil) N/A £385.00 £485.00


On completion of the work, we will subject your vehicle to additional quality control checks and road-test (if necessary) to ensure that all areas meet BMW’s recommendations. Your service book will then be stamped and dashboard lights reset.
2013 BMW Z3 Software Update
For improved performance figures, fuel economy and more the BMW 2013 software update is now available. Please call one of our technical advisors on 01268 413 339 for more details or alternatively email us at