Bmw Z4M clutch dowel problem

Today we have Scott’s lovely Z4M in for some work. The car has some odd noises from inside the transmission bell housing, so lets whip it off and inspect.


As you can see below, there are some very small stress fractures on the bell housing, suggesting they a foreign object is loose inside and being forced around by the clutch spinning.


Time to remove the gearbox and see what’s going on.



The gearbox removed below reveals the problem. The clutch dowels has worked loose from the flywheel and moving around inside the bell housing.

The damage to the clutch is appearance related only, the clutch friction plate itself actually has lots of life left so with restricted funds we will reuse the clutch and just remove the dowels on this occasion.


These are the dowels, best removed once the clutch is aligned as the problem is becoming more common.


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  1. SteveO says:

    My Nissan 350z makes some strange nosies from the gearbox when it gets hot. Found this whilst googling around. Do you think it could be the same fault? I know you focus on BMW, but thought it worth asking. Drop me a line about it if you can.

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